Everyone who has ever lost a borehole pump motor dew to damage from lightning, wear and tear or electric power surges, understands the frustration of having to throw that motor on the scrap heap and simply buying a new one even if in some cases it was probably only months old.

Yes and we all have been further frustrated by endless phone calls and mails to motor manufacturers trying to understand what there so called warranty really means. But in the end it is all to no avail. And even the ones who promise to repair end up taking weeks doing so.

Introducing the new fully repairable, fully rewindable VANSAN range of 6″ motors. Not only is the motor repairable but u will be supplied an exchange motor immediately. So no more waiting, just real quick efficient service. And to top it all, this tough motor comes at a surprisingly low price. So don’t hesitate   to contact us for a quote. pumpwise.co.za

And remember , compromise , be pumpwise.