Borehole pumps/ Boorgat pompe


We are suppliers of the biggest range of submersible pumps. From Grundfoss to Aqua 24 to Super D. Borehole pumps are available in different finishes for different applications. Brass and stainless steel pumps are available for agriculture as well as industrial and mining use. Pumps with norrel impellers are available for domestic an light agricultural use.

Pump motor sizes are available from 0,37KW to as big as 150KW. We also supply borequip pvc borehole pipes in sizes from 32mm up to 150mm. these pipes can handle any size pump up to a depth of 300m. for a full quote or any further information,please feel free to contact us.

Enige boorgat pomp wat u mag verlang sal in ons reeks beskikbaar wees.